B Minus 38 Days

Here we are. Just 38 short days until a fresh new life ejects itself from my wife’s undercarriage. What was once such a beautiful, inviting place will become a bloodbath of amniotic fluid and responsibility, and will never be the same again. A landscape changed forever. Like a once idyllic country meadow transformed into a smoggy dual carriageway, lined with roadkill and dilapidated Little Chefs. A marvel of nature. Ruined. Forever.

But…much like the M6 at the  Catthorpe Interchange, this road will lead us to new and exciting things. Like a lifetime of vomit stains and crippling financial debt (and laughter and smiles and endless baby posts on Facebook, obviously.) Or Stoke-on-Trent.

Onwards and upwards we shall go, continuing forward on our journey, unphased and committed to our destination. Apart from the odd glance at our rear view mirror and the wonderful, exciting things we’re almost definitely missing, we’ll keep our eyes fixed on the road ahead, moving forwards, never looking back for fear of losing our focus and crashing into a BP service station in a horrifying, burning fireball.

Parenthood, here we come!

We decided to start this blog to entertain ourselves and others, and maybe provide the odd bit of useful or insightful information along the way. I think the plan is for it to be a general mashup of baby-related musings, anecdotes and reviews of products and services, but could just as easily degenerate into a collection of links to hilarious videos of cats. Who knows. Let’s see where it takes us. Oh, and rambling analogies of ruined vaginas aside, we’re both super excited about our new arrival.

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